Safe with a green philosophy

Safe with a green philosophy

Ensuring safe work tools that are the fulcrum of the assembly process in manufacturing companies is a priority for Fiam. The eTensil range is also distinguished by its long certification path, which simultaneously involved the company laboratory and external facilities in a structured series of “pre-compliance” tests. In addition to the many measures to ensure long tool life, the eTensil range can also guarantee full compliance with electrical safety, EMC and ESD regulations.

Healthy work environments

Because they have no sliding electrical contacts, brushless electric motors do not emit carbon and copper dust, and therefore ensure healthier work environments.

Ecology always at the forefront

All eTensil components are easy to dispose of because they are made from recyclable materials. The whole eTensil electric tightening system was designed considering the Life Cycle Assessment: from the supply chain through design, production, transport and use up to disposal.

ESD certified to work in electronic environments without worries

New concept ESD dissipative plastic shells prevent electrostatic charge build-up. Any electrical charges transferred from the operator to the tool (and vice versa) are discharged to earth without involving the tightening area.

In accordance with the most recent European regulations, eTensil is: immune from electromagnetic phenomena generated by cables or radiated by other devices, and in turn does not affect other equipment.

An absolute benefit when assembling high-quality electronic components in work areas that need to be protected from electrostatic discharges.

Dust-proof construction for long service life

The electric screwdriver shell is built so that:

  • ingress of swarf and dust or other substances that could damage internal parts is minimised
  • gaskets seal the most exposed parts
  • all labels are embedded in the tool body to protect them from wear and ensure that they are always legible

Low voltage

  • Low voltage (32 V) operation ensures maximum safety
  • The special ergonomic grips ensure perfect thermal insulation