eTensil. The Fiam electrical revolution.

eTensil. The Fiam electrical revolution.

eTensil is a complete range of industrial electric screwdrivers, nutrunner motors and automatic tightening solutions. It is available with different torque control systems and is designed entirely by Fiam to provide an efficient, precise and fully Made in Italy response to the demands of modern industry for green, versatile and smart work tools.

Electric tightening systems with automatic shut-off

Electric screwdrivers, nutrunner motors and all automation solutions are equipped with a tightening torque control system that automatically shuts off the power supply when the torque is reached, and this done by a latest generation mechanical clutch.

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Electric tightening systems with current control

Electric screwdrivers, nutrunner motors and all automation solutions in this range are distinguished by having a torque/angle control system in which the torque is obtained by measuring the current absorbed by the motor, while the angle is measured by dedicated integrated Hall-effect sensors.

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Extended warranty and maintenance for T.C.O. savings

Production efficiency also means guaranteed long-term operation and cost-effective preventive maintenance.

Reliability and safety always guaranteed

eTensil components are built to guarantee the highest reliability and safety throughout their entire service life. The engineering involved in the mechanics, the cleanliness in the design and performance tests passed, all arise from Fiam’s wide Know-how of knowledge and specialist patents within the industrial tightening industry.


Advanced performance and functionality

To make eTensil an advanced tightening system, it has smart units, with various functions, and extend the programming and customisation options for which the tools were designed.

Ergonomics: designed for operators

A focus on ergonomics has always been a strong point of the solutions developed by Fiam.  eTensil electric screwdrivers were designed to reduce operator fatigue and increase production performance.

Safe with a green philosophy

Ensuring safe work tools that are the fulcrum of the assembly process in manufacturing companies is a priority for Fiam.