Ergonomics: designed for operators

Ergonomics: designed for operators

A focus on ergonomics has always been a strong point of the solutions developed by Fiam.  eTensil electric screwdrivers were designed to reduce operator fatigue and increase production performance.

  • Built with innovative materials for greater impact resistance
  • Low grip, near the tightening point for immediate and easy centring
  • For use by both right-handed and left-handed operators
  • Suitable for the female hand
  • Quiet.

Reverse rotation with «zero effort»

The reverse rotation control is activated with a single press of the “zero effort” button, and the blue LED turns on to indicate this action.

Smart lights to help operators

LED lights immediately inform the operator of settings and correct screwdriver operation.

  • Blue LED near the reverse button: “untightening” in progress (left rotation);
  • White LED: tool ready for use;
  • Front LED near the quick chuck: lights the bit, and flashes in sync with the blue LED at the end of the tightening cycle in the event of a fault
  • Front LED flashing continuously: scheduled maintenance phase reached.

Ergonomic starting

eTensil electric screwdrivers have the lowest activation pressure on the market: a record that results in a drastic reduction in the effort that the operator must sustain throughout the day. Minimum fatigue = maximum productivity.

It is contactless, and operated by an analogue sensor and therefore wear-free.

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