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Why the Product Manager for a product line is so important to customers

For some time the Fiam team has had a PM to deal exclusively with the air motor range. Together with him, we will try to understand what benefits customers have seen in interfacing with this new figure who plays an increasingly key Product/Service role in companies.

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    Fiam at Samuexpo 2020

    Fiam at Samuexpo 2020

    SamuExpo is an interesting biennial event, which  this year is held in Pordenone, from 06 to 08 February, and attracts an increasing number of visitors each year.  The exhibition is divided into four thematic areas:

    • SamuMetal: dedicated to metal working tools and technologies
    • SamuPlast: for plastic technologies, machines and materials
    • Subtech: related to components and mechanics
    • Digitaldays: covering digital company culture, innovation and Industry 4.0.