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Air screwdriver with 3-position air inlet ensures freedom of movement

When designing a production line in the world of industrial tightening, many factors must be taken into account: the materials that make up the components, for example steel, plastic, wood; the correct choice of screw specifically for the materials and various applications; and finally, the screwdriver, an essential element to make tightening more effective, aided by the right compressed air supply to ensure perfect operation. 

Therefore, compressed air systems are a critical aspect in assembly lines, and must provide a number of supply points from above or below, and in tight, narrow spaces the tools often do not adapt well to such operating layouts.  For example, we find straight screwdrivers with air inlet connections from above fed by supply hoses from below, forcing them to bend incongruously, which could compromise tool operation.

Pistol air screwdrivers with 3-position air inlet solve these issues because they can be used in different layouts and in quick sequences: three different air supply couplings (from above, from below and at the rear) provide three different air points so that the screwdriver can be used in different configurations to suit the type of use or operation required.    Moreover, the reverse control on the button makes them ideal for processes that require frequent untightening, such as in the electrical-electronic sector, industrial wiring assemblies and all high-throughput production processes. 

These operating configurations provide optimum air output to ensure in-line air tools operate correctly and provide their best performance.  We would also like to remind you that the recommended dynamic working pressure of the compressed air is 6.3 BAR.

There are four key steps to verify the performance of compressed air systems in tightening systems.

1) Measure the air pressure using a pressure gauge installed precisely at the tool inlet.  Tool performance may be degraded if the measurement is <6.3 BAR.

2) Choose the air distribution system: ring distribution or linear distribution.  In the former case, the compressed air is distributed evenly to all points of the system, making it the optimal solution.  With linear distribution, on the other hand, it is necessary to consider the progressive pressure drop due to the length of the factory system.

3) Check the connection accessories: couplings, rapid valves and accessories.  If undersized or old-fashioned, they may cause pressure drops and in-line tools may malfunction as a result.

4) Check the compressed air quality to improve air tool performance by providing accessories (e.g. dryers and filters) to improve air quality, ensuring that it is dry and clean, with no traces of moisture.

These key points highlight the importance of choosing air screwdrivers according to the compressed air system and conditions of use to ensure the production cycle proceeds well.  Together, these measures ensure:

  • Reduced operator fatigue, resulting in increased productivity and more ergonomic work stations
  • Improved quality of the assembled products because the tools are supplied correctly, making them more reliable
  • Energy savings, because the compressed air systems are more efficient.

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