Air motors: ideal for the construction of machinery for sterilization activities

The machinery for the production in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry have characteristics that involve the use of specific and often customized components such as for example the motors that are inserted on them to perform different types of drives and in any condition of use.
The focus here is dedicated to these devices and specifically to those with pneumatic technology, that are used precisely because of their peculiar characteristics.

To realize the level of customization of Fiam air motors, we take into consideration the need of one of our partners as a manufacturer of large sterilization systems for medical equipment, who involved us in the design of a new machine, to be completely free from any type of electrical connection as its installation is intended for environments with a high percentage of humidity and with high temperature peaks.

The area that involved us concerned the design of the machinery doors, that required a non-electric drive capable of turning a mechanical speed reducer that would transform the motion from circular to linear for opening and closing the doors themselves.
The doors, very heavy as they were completely built in stainless steel and specially reinforced, had to operate at a reduced speed consequent to the specific sterilization cycle foreseen by the machine.

The solution consisted in the realization of special 28 M series air motors equipped with pneumatic technology, entirely designed and manufactured by Fiam to adapt to the machine and its intended use in the dimensions and characteristics.

These are the characteristics of the motors:

  • Construction in AISI316 stainless steel resistant to water and high temperatures: in the machine where they must be inserted, maximum temperature peaks of 130 °C are reached and in the door area around 90°C; there is a lot of humidity and the machines, in addition to the vapors, are subject to many sanitizing washes;
  • The motors are subjected to special galvanic treatments on the internal elements to increase resistance to corrosion, since their use involves the absence of lubricated air supply;
  • Operation at low revs to satisfy the required speed of 50 / rpm and therefore activate the slow opening of the machine’s doors;
  • The pneumatic technology makes the motors suitable for frequent use cycles with repeated start and stops.

If you need pneumatic technology to operate your machinery and want to learn more about how to customize it to improve the performance of your machines, go to the following link:

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