Advanced performance and functionality

Advanced performance and functionality

To make eTensil an advanced tightening system, it has smart units that work in perfect synergy with the tools to enable various functions and extend the programming and customisation options for which the tools were designed.

The numerous models available in the two ranges of solutions provide power at the right voltage, continuous monitoring of the tool status and work cycle or control and programming throughout the tightening process.

They are entirely designed and built by Fiam, and are a strategic choice to offer one of the most advanced industrial production solutions in terms of efficiency and operational versatility.

“Smart Pro”  advanced programming

for solutions with torque control and automatic power supply shut-off.

eTensil is the only electric screwdriver on the market with automatic power supply shut-off that can change tightening mode without changing the mechanical configuration. It offers four pre-set tightening modes.

Another six functions are available through the reverse button and lever:

1 tightening blocked in the event of a fault

2 front LED lighting

3 Untightening

4 Soft Start: slow screwdriver start (from stopped to rated speed in approx. 1.5 seconds)

5 Pre-auto untightening by 4 turns: A useful feature when you have previously tightened parts that need loosening before being tightened to the set torque;

6 Post-auto untightening by 4 turns: A useful feature when needing to tighten to the set torque and then loosen for a subsequent assembly.

“Smart Pro Evo” advanced programming

for torque/angle control solutions based on current absorption.

In these solutions, the power supply and control units are the “smart core” that programs, monitors and controls all functions of the tools associated with it.

These sophisticated instruments not only provide tools with the correct power supply, but also feature a large number of programmable functions compared to others on the market, and are faster, simpler and more intuitive to use.

The four pre-set tightening modes can be chosen quickly and easily, directly on the associated power supply and control unit. Other important functions, which are also set on the power supply and control unit, can be parametrised, i.e. they can be set within their range and changed with great flexibility:

1 starting block  (in case of an anomaly)

2 front illumination LED

3 Untightening function (left rotation tool)

4 Soft start funcion: the ramp speed acceleration is not fixed but it is possible to set the time acceleration to ease screw engagement

5 Tool rotation speed can be set as desired

6 PRE-SELF UNTIGHTENING:it is possible to set the untightening angle and the pause between the untightening and the subsequent tightening. This strategy finds its application in the electrical/electronic field, for example when it is necessary to open and then close connectors to insert electrical wires.

7 POST-SELF UNTIGHTENING: it it is possible to set the untightening angle while the pause time between untightening and subsequent tightening is fixed.

8 STOP-BY-TIME TIGHTENING: When it is necessary to tighten threaded fasteners to a certain height and not to a defined torque. This is made by checking the tightening time.