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Air motors

6 good reasons to choose Fiam air motors


1. Last a lifetime

Air compressed motors ensure nonstop operations for thousand and thousands of cycles thanks to the consolidated experience in the design, the accuracy in the workmanships, and the continuous investments in state-of-the-art machineries. There is no dispersion of compressed air and therefore the air consumptions are extremely low. They are an highly and profitable investment thanks to the low costs of maintenance and reparation.

2. Completely Made in Italy

Air compressed motors have been conceived, designed, and produced in Fiam, which has an area dedicated solely to producing custom motors, including small runs and prototypes. The benefit? An ability to handle small batches and fast delivery times.

3. Co-engineering

Customer support can begin from the product design stage right up to industrialisation. In-house prototyping ensures that Fiam can simulate integration of the motor in the final machine/application and test the solution before production at no extra cost.

4. Appropriate service available worldwide

Our worldwide distributors take care of maintenance and provide original spare parts quickly at controlled prices. The motors are completely modular for faster maintenance and replacement of the spare parts in case of wear. The use of many common components favours the supplying and the management of the spare parts.

Not just an air motor, but flexible service too:

  • Delivery tailored to customer schedules
  • Use of eco-friendly packaging, with specific packaging made to order
  • Installation at the application site
  • Scheduled maintenance programs.

5. An organised structure at your side

A dedicated Product Manager is available as the sole reference through which you can interface with our design engineers, laboratory technicians, sales engineers and industrialisation and prototyping managers. A professional who can understand every technical need when implementing custom solutions.

6. Naturally innovative

All the components are easy to dispose of because they are built using recyclable materials; therefore, they do not represent any danger for environmental pollution. The work environments where Fiam pneumatic motors operate are clean because the use of oil filters to convey the air exhaust guarantees the absence of oil mist in the working environment.


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