Solutions for industrial process automation

Semi-automatic tightening systems

Screw loading and tightening in any direction

Manual air screwdriver equipped with funnel where the screw is loaded and held firmly by the jaws to be easily driven in any direction without being held by the operator. For screws of different diameters and lengths and a wide range of applications.

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Крутящий момент (Nm)
Крутящий момент (Lb)
Скорость холостого хода (rpm)
Модель RSEP7
Артикул 114671524
Крутящий момент (Nm)1.5 - 7
Крутящий момент (Lb)13.275 - 61.95
Скорость холостого хода (rpm)2600
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Модель RSEP8
Артикул 114671525
Крутящий момент (Nm)2 - 8
Крутящий момент (Lb)17.7 - 70.8
Скорость холостого хода (rpm)1800
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