Мы проектируем и производим пневматические, электрические гайковерты и шуроповерты, высокотехнологичные отвертки постоянного тока, автоматические решения для сборки, пневматические моторы, а также пневматические инструменты для   повышения производительности и надежности   вашего   производственного процесса.

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Fiam at Samuexpo 2020

Fiam at Samuexpo 2020

SamuExpo is an interesting biennial event, which  this year is held in Pordenone, from 06 to 08 February, and attracts an increasing number of visitors each year.  The exhibition is divided into four thematic areas:

  • SamuMetal: dedicated to metal working tools and technologies
  • SamuPlast: for plastic technologies, machines and materials
  • Subtech: related to components and mechanics
  • Digitaldays: covering digital company culture, innovation and Industry 4.0.

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eTensil electric screwdrivers and motors: an evolving range

eTensil electric screwdrivers and motors: an evolving range

After the debut of eTensil in 2018, Fiam’s electrical solutions are enriched with new models that offer new operating features and automation, depending on the operational layout.

The new manual electric screwdrivers are versatile and intelligent, making them suitable for integration into organisations with smart production. They feature the following new functions.

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Are COBOTS safe for operators? Here is why you can choose them with confidence

Are COBOTS safe for operators? Here is why you can choose them with confidence

There is a growing use of smaller cobots on assembly lines as they are ideal for:

  • automating repetitive operations and making the best use of the operators’ skills
  • carrying out most tightening jobs automatically
  • being quickly reprogrammed and used for different applications, which makes them the perfect choice even for low-volume runs or for variable workflows with quick operational setup changes.

Need to tighten automatically into deep holes?

Automatic screwdrivers with telescopic device is the right choice!

With telescopic strokes of 40, 60 and 100 mm, it is possible to reach tightening spots near the sides, in hardly accessible spaces or even inside deep holes.

As to tightneing of medium or large batches of equal screws, automatic screw-feeding technology is perfect to increase the productivity: the screw is automatically sent from the bowl to the screwdriver nozzle, eliminating manual screw picking and positioning phases.

Cycle time reduction will be more than 30%..

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