• Tighten more efficiently thanks to the implementation of in-process controls

  • Improve operator working conditions with ergonomic and safe solutions

  • Work without interruption: our solutions withstand the most demanding working conditions

  • Get “smart” solutions: for connected working in Industry 4.0 environments

We have been designing and producing industrial tightening systems for 70 years. Contact us today to find out more.

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The industrial tightening process is a critical stage in the production process because of the multiple factors which determine the quality parameters. Putting your trust in a partner with extensive know-how on these topics is instrumental to achieving productivity gains, increased operator safety and higher quality of the finished product.

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  • What’s the best way to choose an accurate and reliable electric or air screwdriver?

    Avvitatori Fiam

    Basic principles of tightening: screws, joints and the dynamics of the tightening process

    Electric and air screwdrivers

    • Maximum performance
    • Machining precision
    • High durability
    • Compliance with ergonomic and safety principles
  • Need to monitor tightening cycles, check sequences, or count the OK/NOK screws?

    Avvitatori Fiam

    How poka yoke tools can be used in tightening processes

    Controlled tightening systems

    • Effective assembly
    • Real-time controls
    • Time savings
    • Error free
    • Guided positioning
  • Want total control over your tightening cycle?

    Avvitatori Fiam

    Accuracy indicators: to understand if your machinery and processes are performing well

    Electronic tightening systems

    • High tightening accuracy and precision
    • Direct torque/angle control
    • Traceability of all tightening data
    • Usable for multiple applications
  • Want to make your workstation safer and more ergonomic?

    Avvitatori Fiam

    Operating tips to reduce operator fatigue during tightening operations

    Ergonomic arms and guided positioning systems

    • Eliminate any reaction and vibration on the operator’s hand
    • Prevent musculoskeletal diseases
    • Support and guide assembly operations and sequences
    • Increase the productivity and efficiency of assembly operations
  • Need to automate your tightening process?

    Avvitatori Fiam

    Are you sure your product is suitably designed to enable automation of your assembly process?

    Semiautomatic and automatic tightening systems

    • With automatic screw feeding
    • Can be integrated with pre-existing production systems
    • For the automation of repetitive operations
    • Responds to Industry 4.0 principles

We’ve been helping companies improve their production processes for over 70 years; all our expertise in the world of industrial tightening is at your disposal. Whatever your application requirements, you can count on tailor-made design and production: contact us to find out about the custom solutions already developed for different industrial production sectors.

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  • For more efficient tightening thanks to the implementation of in-process controls

  • For reduced consumption and to choose zero compressed air leaks or electric solutions

  • For improved operator working conditions with ergonomic and safe solutions

  • For work without interruption for thousands of cycles

  • For “smart” solutions and connected working in Industry 4.0 environments