• Compact and lightweight: they are up to 6 times smaller than ,electric motors of the same power

  • Safe in explosive environments, moisture and corrosion resistant

  • Strong and durable – even under the toughest conditions of use

  • Easy to adjust: user friendly solutions from 150 to 800W

We have been moving machinery worldwide for over 70 years.
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Choosing the right technology for your industrial processes and machinery is often critical because there are many factors to consider in these contexts. It is therefore essential to rely on a partner with great “know-how” in these issues to achieve safety, process quality, machine efficiency and productivity gains. It is crucial to be able to rely on Italian technology, entirely designed and produced by Fiam in Vicenza, and possibly customised through co-engineering with customers.

Why use an air motor?
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  • How does air technology work and why choose it?

    Avvitatori Fiam

    Air technology for industrial motion.

    Air motors: safe and versatile solutions

    • Ease of control
    • Low/minimal maintenance needs
    • Very small sizes and low weights
    • No electricity = safety
  • The benefits over electrical technology?

    Avvitatori Fiam

    Air technology for industrial motion.

    Smart solutions without additional reduction gears/power supplies

    • No overheating
    • ATEX certification at a much lower cost
    • Use at stall torque with no risk
    • Unlimited stop&go cycling
  • What operational targets do they achieve?

    Avvitatori Fiam

    Air technology for industrial motion.

    Air motors can work close to stall torque

    • Continuous cycles without overheating
    • Resistant to high or low temperatures and potentially explosive environments
    • Moisture resistant and suitable for sterilisation
    • Corrosion resistant
  • What performance parameters should be considered for a correct choice?

    Avvitatori Fiam

    Air technology for industrial motion.

    Air motors with easy adjustment

    • Right, left or bi-directional rotation
    • Use with or without lubricated air
    • Power that remains constant when varying speed/torque
    • Low installation and maintenance costs
  • What application fields and critical issues do they address?

    Avvitatori Fiam

    Air technology for industrial motion.

    Air motors for all production sectors

    • Explosive/damp environments
    • Filling / packaging / industrial maintenance
    • Agri-food / chemical / pharmaceutical
    • Integration with hand tools

Da oltre 70 anni integriamo nei macchinari più diversi i nostri motori pneumatici e mettiamo a tua disposizione tutta la nostra competenza acquisita: per ogni singola esigenza applicativa puoi contare anche su una progettazione e produzione su misura. Contattaci per scoprire le soluzioni personalizzate già integrate su macchine per i diversi settori produttivi industriali o all’interno di utensili manuali in numerose applicazioni.

Product Manager

Contact us for more information about our air motors: Jean Philippe Cousin, Product Manager, is at your disposal.

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  • For safe and efficient working environments

  • To reduce consumption and choose zero compressed air leakage

  • To move from electrical to air technology and profit from all the benefits

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  • To have the option of completely tailor-made solutions