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Work stations and compressed air systems. How to help workers through ergonomic solutions.

In the previous article we have explained some solutions to reduce the risk of hand-arm vibrations and reaction for operators during the use of hand tools. In this post we will talk specifically about work stations and compressed air supply layouts. Let’s discover together how to facilitate workers with ergonomic solutions.

The different air supply systems that we can find in the production sites can influence the correct use of air screwdrivers by operators. It can indeed happen that the incorrect position of the worker’s hand-arm system, because of the feeding hose position, can cause fatigue during the tightening process.


Triple air inlet screwdrivers: an ergonomic solution

When, for example, operators use pistol model air screwdrivers inside a component, like an oven or a fridge, it can happen that the obstruction consisting of the air feeding tube coming from above or below prevents an easy access inside the component. This can consequently force the operator to make incorrect movements and wrist positions.

Fiam has developed an ergonomic solution to avoid the operator’s fatigue in these cases: the triple air inlet screwdrivers. How do they work? Let’s discover it together.

These air screwdrivers are equipped with three different positions for the air hose at the inlet, allowing you to choose each time the best option, whether the compressed air comes from above, below or from feeding spots near the work stations. The practical quick air feed release helps during the air feed’s change operations, depending on the different job layouts. The operator can therefore work correctly and without any effort.

These screwdrivers are also perfectly balanced and the reversibility switch next to the start button makes them extremely functional not only in the tightening process, but also in the untightening one.


The four triple air inlet screwdriver’s strengths are:

  • Flexibility of layout and ergonomics: the three different air inlets guaranteed by the triple air feed allow the operator to obtain each time the best configuration for every operation and job layout;
  • Reversibility: the practical change of rotation of the screwdriver guarantees the possibility of operating both the reversibility and the start button with the same hand;
  • Torque repetition and vibrations below 2,5 m/s2: thanks to the patented torque control system, these screwdrivers provide the maximum of the torque repetition and the minimum of the Mean Shift values, even in the case of soft joints;
  • Forward pistol grip: recommended where hanging systems are not an option and where particular thrust is not required along the tightening axis, this type of grip makes holding the tool easier and guarantees at the same time a total control of the operations, together with a perfect heat insulation.


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