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Why it is so important to control the T.C.O. of the tools fleet

Who is in charge of the maintenance or of the cost management control knows well the importance of the TCO indicator (Total Cost of Ownership).

This methodological approach, based on the fact that the total cost of ownership of an industrial equipment does not only depend on the initial purchase costs, but also on all the costs that occur during its entire life cycle – including disposal, represents a great method to measure the total costs, by identifying all expenses that may or must be incurred, in clear and measurable terms.

It is exactly in the perspective of being able to dispose of clear and measurable data that Fiam every year analyses the T.C.O. of its screwdrivers used in the automotive industry: from the careful analysis carried out in its laboratories emerges that the purchase price of a Fiam pneumatic screwdriver, together with the one of its spare parts for ordinary and extraordinary services over a period of six years, is extremely advantageous also in comparison with its main competitors.

For example in the automotive industry, where assembly lines production continuity is essential, the choice of a pneumatic screwdriver is itself a savings choice, not only for the reduced consumption of compressed air, but especially for the production efficiency that these tools offer and that remains unchanged for years.

In the case of Fiam, the long life span of its internal components is guaranteed by the accurate design and by the quality of its production processes, which results then in lower costs of maintenance and repair. Therefore, the discriminating factors in the choice also become maintenance costs to keep efficient over time the performance of a screwdriver and as a consequence to obtain a low T.C.O.

In terms of energy saving but not only, a question arises spontaneously: is it better an electrical solution to tighten or a pneumatic one? This choice depends on multiple factors and Fiam performs for its customers personalized analyses to evaluate, according to production methods and other factors, which is the best investment, if that in electrical screwdrivers or that in pneumatic ones. Being Fiam the only European producer able to offer homemade solutions to tighten both pneumatic and electric, the customer will obtain only the most suitable solution for its own productive situation, aimed at energy saving and at a greater productivity.

Discover how much you can save thanks to Fiam tightening solutions: pneumatic or electric, they are all equipped with process control systems. Ask us the T.C.O. comparative tables to verify how you can really save, since the maintenance of an asset, instead of a new purchase, certainly translates also into an energy saving.

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