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Why choosing the right air motor in packaging machines is essential

The machines for the packaging sector are numerous, they can perform multiple functions and differ according to the application sector. Consequently, also the manufacturing features of the internal components, such as moving parts, i.e. pneumatic motors – must respect certain characteristics.

The machinery for the agro-food sector for example, among which we find machines dedicated to the food packaging, to the sealing of the packages or for the meat treatment/processing or other solid or liquid food, require the use of engines that move drive rollers, cup the packages with liquid, wrap tapes and film or drag the conveyor belts.

All these machines, which can also be very complex, are mainly pneumatic because they use the advantageous and economic method of compressed air as an energy source ensuring constant performance over time, even in the most difficult conditions of use, such as advancement or lifting movements.

The pneumatic motors integrated on these machines, therefore, are intended for continuous work cycles even for very high radial and/or axial loads and must be made of food-compatible plastics or stainless steel to withstand high temperatures and damp environments where cleaning and sterilization are frequent and, above all, they must work with unlubricated air so that the environments where they operate are not contaminated by air sprayed with oil.

Also in the cosmetics/pharmacy packaging sector, where mainly bottling and subsequent corking activities of the packages are carried out, the engines used must be compatible with sterile environments, they must be waterproof and therefore work with the most diverse, even corrosive liquids. Lastly, since they never generate any overheating, as the air motor gets chilled when running, they are extremely safe because any risk of short circuit is avoided.

As for pneumatic hand tools such as strapping machines or other packaging tools, the advantages of using pneumatic motors inside these tools are mainly: compactness, weight that are very low, the possibility of total customization not just dimensional but also from a performance point of view and, above all, instant and always ensured start-up, even at low supply pressures.

For packaging machine manufacturers, air motors are therefore the right choice, also due to the fact that their dimensions are equal to a quarter of an electric motor of equivalent power.

Why choose Fiam air motors? Find it out:

EXPERIENCE. To date, over 1.5 million Fiam air motors are running all over the world.

CUSTOMIZATION. The consolidated experience in many industrial sectors allows us to fully understand any technical need, which is then processed by Fiam engineers dedicated solely to the design of the engines, which can be customized and produced even for small batches. Making use of Fiam is particularly advantageous when the design of the engine takes place at the same pace of the design phase of the new machine, where the resources come together to arrive at a product of excellence.

FIAM MOTORS LAST LIFE. Consolidated design experience, accuracy in processing, continuous investments in state-of-the-art machinery ensure uninterrupted operations for thousands and thousands of cycles. Fiam air motors are built, assembled and coupled with tolerances in the order of one thousandth of a millimeter and this entails the maximum optimization of the yields: there is no compressed air leakage and therefore the consumption of air is extremely reduced. For lower maintenance and repair costs and highly functional and profitable investments.

ENTIRELY MADE IN ITALY. Everything is thought, designed and produced in Fiam, which has an area dedicated solely to the production of customized engines even in small series. The final advantage? Very short delivery times.

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