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Welcome to the new Fiam blog!

Welcome to the new Fiam blog!

In an age where information spreads at lightning speed and research and innovation are forever evolving in a global context, we’re launching a new meeting place for you, essentially aiming to establish a new, more direct, more personal way of communicating. Serving your needs.

It’s in this spirit that we’d like to welcome you to the new Fiam blog: a space organized into four subject categories that we thought would interest you, with people who work at Fiam – and who are in daily contact with the manufacturing world – doing the actual writing. Giving you a greater insight into the subjects that you’re most interested in and that might help you work better.

What are you going to be finding out about each month?

  • The most interesting solutions adopted by Fiam over the course of its history that might also prove useful in your field of work: #FiamStories
  • News on research and innovation in the industrial field. A finger on the industry pulse and an ever future-oriented approach: #FiamThinking
  • Allowing you to tap into a huge wealth of expertise and practical tips for the manufacturing world and explore topics further: #FiamCare
  • Training initiatives, on the evolution of production techniques or regarding the latest Updating in environmental or workplace ergonomics and safety legislation: #FiamAcademy

Enter the Fiam world and follow our updates, now on Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube, too!

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