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Watertight air motors? With certified IP67 Protection you can!

Fiam air motors can adapt to any application and can satisfy every requirement, even the most critical. They can be easily customised for a specific production sector, for example for food or pharmaceutical use, where motors with different IP Protection levels are required, and specifically certified IP67 Protection. 

What is certified IP67 Protection?

IP is an internationally recognised protection standard (IEC standard 60529 – International Protection), which classifies and evaluates the protection level against the ingress of solid particles and liquids. Specifically, certified IP67 Protection guarantees resistance to the ingress of dust and fumes and prevents liquids from entering the motor, even allowing it to be immersed briefly up to 1 meter deep.

Every certified object, the air motor in our case, is subjected to specific tests in authorised laboratories in order to test its resistance. Depending on the results obtained, a protection code is assigned to clearly and unequivocally show the characteristics of the product.

All Fiam air motors made of stainless steel have certified IP67 Protection, and the sealants and gaskets used make them resistant to water, materials or corrosive atmospheres, and seal them hermetically against the ingress of dust and fumes.  These features make them ideal for a range of work situations:

  • where frequent washing with water and detergents is required, as in the cleaning sector
  • where there are processing residues; for example, in sectors where foodstuffs are treated or processed, creating dirt and dust that can compromise continuous motor operation
  • when operations involve immersing the motor briefly into liquids or substances, such as cleaning tubs and tanks.

In addition to the 1000 models in its catalogue, Fiam also offers countless customisations for any application sector. Do you want to find out how we can solve your need? Contact us!

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