Automatic solutions

Automatic screw feeding system: EasyDriver

CA Easydriver applications

Feeder for nuts AM: efficacy 'pick and place' system to improve productivity

Electric motors for household appliances: automatic assembly

Semi-automatic tightening with Poka Yoke systems

Household appliance rest foot: automatic assembly

Frames for concealed sliding doors: automatic assembly

Components of plastic chairs: automatic tightening module on axis XYZ

Photovoltaics components: automatic tightening

Gas cylinders: automatic assembly of plastic handles

Valves on gas ramps: automatic assembly

Marine motor: automatic assembly of sensor rings on engine shaft

Wooden frames for construction field: automatic assembly

Wood Windows: fastening locking mechanism

Gas valves on heaters burners: semiautomatic assembly

Piston of the " vacuum brake" device: automatic assembly

Condenser batteries for power factor-correction systems: semi-automatic assembly

Headlights: semi-automatic assembly

Autofeed tightening machine for different types of stud bolt

Residual current circuit breakers: automatic assembly

Injectors on gas diffusers for hobs: automatic tightening

Automatic tightening for door handles

Iron fittings on window frames: semiautomatic tightening

Fasten sensors on aluminum ramps for cooling circuits of air conditioning

Auto feed screwdriver with double pistol grip: EasyDriver CA

CA Easy Driver Assembly much faster

Auto feed tightening module EasyDriver MCA

Pick&place automatic system for fastening of M5x4 grubs

Solutions for wood industry and windows frames assembly

Tighten 6 nuts in 23 seconds! Discover the AM feeder