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Training on the tightening process. Increase your skills with Fiam!

More updated, more performing! Increase your skills with Fiam’s team, thanks to our training programs on the tightening process, but not only that!

Every year we organize in our headquarter in Vicenza, but not only there, seminars about the “Industrial tightening process”. These consist in meetings born from the real knowledge base consolidated in more than 60 years of business in direct contact with the major production realities in Italy and abroad.


5 good reasons to follow our training on the industrial tightening process

Fiam’s education allows to:

  • Design industrial tightening processes in an innovative way;
  • Improve the efficiency of the production process;
  • Gain techniques and instruments to avoid waste;
  • Increase the productivity of the production cycles;
  • Raise the quality of the final product.

Our offer includes 5 hours of training that allow you to achieve concrete instruments to improve your assembly process. This year we have already held two training sessions: the first one in March and the second one in July 2017. To remain updated on the next seminars you can refer to our enews:

The next training session will be held on May the 18th 2018!


Fiam’s commitment on training

The product’s quality parameters are also influenced by the quality standard of the production process! For this reason we believe that education is an important opportunity to increase the skills on the key stages of the industrial tightening process.

Here are some of the topics that are discussed during our seminars:

  • The principles of the tightening process and its developments;
  • The different behaviours of joints;
  • The tightening work stations according to the principles of the Lean Production;
  • How, where and when to use a tightening solution;
  • The ergonomics of the work station

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Training on the tightening process, but not only that! Ask for a customized course

Apart from our scheduled courses, it is possible to organize individual meetings based on your needs. During years, we have already realized many educational activities depending on the types of products and the different production methods, achieving good results and the full customer satisfaction.

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