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The potential of air motors for mixing elements

“Shaken, not stirred…” said the famous secret agent when ordering his Cocktail.

In this case, however, we are not talking about beverages or the Food & Beverage sector, one among the applications of air motors that we have already discussed in previous articles in our Blog, but about stirring and/or mixing liquids inside machines in the Chemical-Pharmaceutical sector.

In fact, the Chemical and Pharmaceutical sector uses Laboratory Mixers which are used to blend various elements like powders and liquids, common in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical, or chemical industries along  the blending process like paints, solvents, cosmetic dream etc.

Fiam Air motor can bring value added to these Mixers which are largely used in various applications like:

  • Tanneries that use machinery to mix colors for dyeing leather and/or textiles
  • Companies that mix ink for molding machines, to keep them fluid and prevent them from drying out 
  • Body shops that mix paints and colors to treat motor vehicles
  • Companies in the dairy industry for processing milk and dairy products
  • Pharmaceutical industries for mixing ingredients

In all these cases, air motors prove useful in particular because of one characteristic: ease of regulation.

Indeed, the operator in charge of the machine can easily adjust and vary the speed of the mixer required by the processing simply by means of a manual pressure regulator. In this context, the agitator pressure regulator is very functional, low cost compared to solutions that require the use of more expensive and delicate inverters, and with no safety complications arising instead from the use of electrical systems.

While these peculiarities benefit every application area, additional advantages of air motors can be considered as specific pluses for different applications:

  • Maximum safety in the case of mixing liquids at risk of high flammability (paints, solvents…etc), thanks to the requirement of Atex Certification
  • High functionality, thanks to the certified IP67 Protection, even in the presence of high humidity, typically present in food industry environments, such as dairy industries
  • Compliance with all required safety standards to ensure a high level of hygiene for which the use of stainless steel becomes essential in both the food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Robustness due to the fact that the air motor can stall without the risk of overheating or suffering irreversible damage.

Want to learn more about additional areas of application?

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