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The importance of automatic solutions in industrial tightening processes

In this interview, Marco Perreca, Fiam’s Export Area Manager, talks about the importance of automatic solutions in industrial tightening processes.

What’s your take on today’s industrial assembly?

The market is aiming more and more at compressed air reduction.
As a consequence, Electric screwdrivers sales had a fast growing trend in the industrial assembly industry in the last decade.Together with the air consumptions optimization, the other focus for all the manufacturing companies has been the automatization. It allows the companies to remain competitive in the market with reduced production costs and higher productivity and quality along the assembly process.

What impact did these trends have on Fiam? What is your proposal in this regard?

It led us to develop some solutions for these two market requirements: for instance we updated our existing range of screw feeding solutions with our new range of electric nutrunner motors.
As a result, with just few hundred euros difference between the electric and the pneumatic solutions, the companies are free to choose between these two technologies.

What are the key advantages of Fiam new Screw Feeding units with electric nutrunner motors, in your opinion?

Very often we find in the market integrations of manual screwdrivers on screw feeding units that can’t guarantee a long durability. From the case to the cable, our nutrunner motors are specifically made for the integration in screw feeding units and machines. Tested to last for several million cycles, they allow us to guarantee our nutrunner motors for 2 years or 1 million cycle.
This is the longest warranty in the market, proof of the quality standards we achieved with these products.

What markets do you think that these products will be able to assist with?

From handheld to the most advanced robot applications, we have a wide range of solutions.
Our screw feeding units with electric nutrunner motors can find their applications in different fields, from the automotive to the wood industry.

Do you have any case studies in your area where these solutions have been used?
From Northern Europe, we’ve received several requests for this technology also from the wood industry.
Here companies are trying to reduce the investments on compressors and the impact on the environment, maintaining a low labor cost and an high productivity.

Many companies are switching to Fiam technology thanks to its competitive prices and its long lasting machines. Here you have an example.

You said that these products could find their applications in different fields. Do you think that they could fit in more complex applications?

The high accuracy of our nutrunner motors make them suitable to work in many fields where electric screwdrivers have always been the main choice. I’m talking about electronic and medical industry, where more and more companies are trying to automatize their production processes. From handheld solutions to applications on COBOTS, our machines are the best choice to improve the product quality and shorten lead times.

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