Sustainable future

Fiam and Sustainable Development

We believe in Sustainable Development as a growth element and work every day on these objectives:

  • We manage our processes carefully, to provide quality products and services aimed at achieving the highest customer satisfaction
  • We safeguard the environment with a constant commitment to pollution prevention
  • Fiam considers every employee an asset to protect. A social responsibility towards our internal and external interlocutors driving all of us into our daily commitment to meet customers’ demands and to cooperate with qualified and reliable suppliers.

Strategy and applications

We have continuous improvement objectives in the field of energy and natural resource savings. We, “People”, are the active promoters of this development and receive adequate training to achieve more effectively these targets that are explained in our Integrated Policy. To identify them, Fiam has analysed the environment which it is active, the interested parties (suppliers, customers, local community, etc.), the assessment of the environmental risks connected with all the processes, taking the analysis of the product life cycle into consideration, too.

LCA – Life Cycle Assessment

We have always designed and manufactured high quality products, also with a careful eye to their impact on the environment. We carefully assess all aspects going from the origin to the end of the product life cycle, examining all the process phases: from the selection of raw materials and suppliers, to the design of solutions that work efficiently and consume less, to lean production, environmentally-friendly packaging down to the disposal and possible recycling of materials.

The parameters that guide us to achieve an improvement in solutions and product innovation with the least environmental impact, are:

  • Pneumatic solutions also lubrication free: no emission of oil spray in the workplace and, therefore, healthier environments.
  • New electric solutions that comply perfectly with the European directive in terms of safety: we apply the new IEC EN 62841-1 harmonised standard that provides for stricter safety rules, resulting into greater reliability for customers.  As to electromagnetic compatibility, we apply the rules that ensure electric solutions will not affect other equipment or interfere with the safety systems of machinery nearby, for improved safety in the workplaces.
  • Noise and vibrations: Fiam tools are designed and manufactured in such a way to reduce noise in the work environment and vibrations to operators’ hand-arm system
  • Choice of 100% recyclable materials to reduce our environmental impact
  • Environmentally-friendly packaging, such as cardboard and polyethylene fillers for the transport of products: 100% separable and recyclable
  • Weight reduction: the use of light materials for our solutions results into cheaper and less polluting transport
  • Reduction of customers’ assembly processes cycle time with a saving in compressed air and power


Fiam strategy is confirmed by the “history” of its quality. Fiam has been the first Italian company in its sector and among the first ones in the world to achieve the ISO 9001 certification in October 1995; likewise, among the first ones to achieve in 1998 also the ISO 14001 certification, as a proof of our commitment towards the environment.

Our Quality and Environment Management Systems are today still active and certified by SGS Italia Spa, Accredia accredited.

In 2016 Fiam decided to anticipate the 2018 deadline, (in comparison with most competitors), and move on to the new EN ISO 14001:2015 version. The certification achieved in October 2016 required a considerable change in the environmental management system, whose main innovations include context analysis, identification of the interested parties, the product LCA outlook and the analysis of the risks associated with environmental aspects.

The path has been recently completed obtaining the certification according to the new UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and with the effective integration of the Quality and Environment Management Systems that constitute true governance tools for the Management and an integral part of the company investment and business strategies. Common foundations are the dynamic analysis of the context factors and all the stakeholders (suppliers, customers, company, community, etc.), the identification of their expectations, the assessment of business risks for each business process, in order to define concrete targets for improvement with a view to sustainable development.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate (English)

ISO 14001:2015 Certificate (English)