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Sustainability: Fiam’s commitment.

Sustainability and respect for the environment are essential issues for Fiam. In addition to the careful separate refuse collection that is now well-established in the company, Fiam has also decided to increase waste reduction, specifically in the use of plastic within the plant.

To this end, Fiam has implemented two initiatives that have already lead to an immediate reduction in plastic: 

  1. Introduction of a drinking water dispenser and distribution of reusable bottles to Fiam employees, to drastically reduce the use of plastic bottles
  2. A “no cup” option has been requested for the company beverage distributors, so all users can use their own cups instead of the usual disposable plastic cups.

Fiam is also taking the following measures to improve energy saving

  • Replacing machines to cool company environments. This process involves upgrading the cooling system with new, more efficient systems that have lower emissions
  • Gradually replacing neon lights with new LED devices in both the production departments and the offices, in order to achieve a target of 65% energy saving
  • Continuing to increase awareness among all Fiam employees on the rational use of paper for printing, product packaging for shipment, water and electricity, in order to consciously reduce waste.

Small but important actions that Fiam continually implements and promotes to respect and protect the environment in which we live, starting from our own reality.

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