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SME Day: the students visit Fiam

To make the world of work and the economic and production reality of the companies of the territory touchable: this has been the target of the SME Day, a day dedicated to the small and medium enterprises, organized by Confindustria Vicenza, the Confederation of the Industries of Vicenza. During this initiative, Fiam has been one of the 35 associated companies that have opened their doors to 1.400 students coming from 26 schools of the territory.

Fiam opens its doors to the students

Protagonists of this initiative have been the students and the teachers who, through a guided tour in the company, have entered for a day the business world. Friday, November the 17th, about 50 students from Istituto Rossi of Vicenza, attending the Mechanics and Mechatronics classes, have had the possibility to visit Fiam.

At this initiative Mr. Luigi Bacchetta, Managing Director of Fiam, was present and has described to the students the variety and complexity of our productive processes. The students have had the opportunity to discover the different areas of the company: from the design, to the manufacturing and up to the assembly and testing of the different solutions.

Fiam, at the heart of the productivity of Vicenza, can represent a really interesting reality for the many young people that have passion and interest for working in the technical, mechatronic, mechanical and electronic field. An industrial sector, therefore, rich in professional outlets and opportunities for those who after their studies have the intention to make an experience in the world of work.

The importance for the students of being present in companies like Fiam

The main target of this initiative was to direct students to undertake in the future university or professional choices more relevant to their needs and similar to their interests.

Apart from Fiam’s Managing Director, during the visit also the President of the Small Industry Committee of Confindustria Vicenza, Mr. Mirko Bragagnolo, was present and described the importance of opening the companies’ doors to the students, in order to build the future together with them. In fact, today it is important to convey to the new generations the ability to possess, apart from the technical skills, a flexibility understood as an attitude to change and predisposition to teamwork. The students, besides having attended closely to a company’s functionment, had the opportunity to receive directly from the entrepreneurs advice on the desired qualities sought today in the candidates, additional to the scholastic competencies that they will obtain during their course of study.

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