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Research and Development, Sustainability and Open Innovation: students from Vicenza University meet Fiam.   

Building relationships with Universities, research centers and other institutions that are open to innovation in industry is fundamental for continuous updating and for having an ever watchful and open glance towards the future. 

At Fiam, we have always believed that the proximity of the business world to universities and their students is an aspect of primary importance: both to ensure attractiveness and a qualified employment future for companies, and to ensure that young people have a post-graduate work placement consistent with their course of study, able to provide them with satisfactory professional growth.

This is why we decided to join the orientation initiative “Incontriamo le imprese” – “Let’s Meet the Companies” – promoted by Confindustria Vicenza, in collaboration with the Vicenza University Studies Foundation and VUH – Vicenza Univr Hub of the University of Verona, which will be held during the month of November.

It is an event addressed to students of Engineering, Economics and SIA from the Vicenza branch, which aims to provide firsthand knowledge of the Province’s manufacturing realities, with the opportunity to provide useful information to the students and support them in orientation for their future work choices.

The opportunity for Fiam and the young students is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 17, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., an appointment during which they can learn more about Research and Development with Nicola Bacchetta, Sales Director, and Michele Rizzato, Operations Director. 

At this open-door time, young people will be able to see live how ideas are born every day and how innovative solutions that improve companies’ productivity come to life.

During the meeting, the topics of product sustainability – and how our solutions are really designed from these guidelines – and Open Innovation as an indispensable way to make innovation increasingly open and collaborative will be explored.

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