Reliability and safety always guaranteed

Reliability and safety always guaranteed

eTensil components are built to guarantee the highest reliability and safety throughout their entire service life.  The range underwent extensive testing in our laboratories, from the mechanics of its components and the quality of the materials, to the effectiveness of its internal mechanisms. It reached over 15 million tightening cycles during endurance testing. And moreover, it was also validated in the field by major industrial groups, both in Italy and abroad: our partners that work continuously with Fiam on research and innovation in tightening solutions.

Latest generation brushless electric motors

The electric brushless motor in electric screwdrivers and electric nutrunner motors is the state of the art in terms of efficiency and performance stability, offering a practically unlimited electric service life:

  • very high-precision mechanics
  • no parts subject to wear
  • lower rotor inertia and better armature cooling
  • Hall-effect sensors for perfect rotation control
  • very light ironless systems

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Modular construction for safe maintenance management

With its no-nonsense construction, it is designed for longevity and to ensure maintenance work can be taken care of safely and affordably:

  • minimal connections
  • functions built into boards
  • easy electrical connections
  • cleaning of the structure and modularity
  • perfect integration of mechanical and electronic components

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