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Protagonists in Lyon as specialists in tightening automation

At the Global Industrie trade show ( March 7 – 10 upcoming) we will be present with many useful innovations for those manufacturing realities that are changing and moving more and more towards an interconnected and automated industry. In fact, the use of semiautomatic or automatic production systems that are also ideal for use on robots of all kinds, including collaborative ones, is becoming more and more predominant for tightening-related activities.

Fiam’s tightening systems, in addition to integrate technologies that promote the interconnection of the entire production chain for Industry 4.0, provide for the continuous and automatic serving of screws, avoid, in the case of semiautomatic solutions, unnecessary manipulation by operators and, above all, prevent the loss of screws, an issue the latter, which makes workplaces unsafe or worse compromises the quality of the product when it occurs within the components.

At booth 4E170 you will find the expert FIAM staff leading you on a discovery of:

New semi-automatic CA tightening systems

Indispensable tools for operators when they have to tighten medium and large sets of the same screws; these solutions provide for the continuous replenishment of screws that are automatically sent to the tightening point, and eliminate the manual steps of picking up screws and positioning them on the bit or workpiece, reducing operator fatigue and increasing productivity by up to 35 percent.  

These systems have evolved over time and now involve the use of multiple technologies: not only pneumatic but also electrical or electronic, which are increasingly in demand in Industry 4.0 environments.  

New MCA automatic tightening modules

 These are true plug & play systems ready and tested to be immediately integrated on existing production lines and increase cadences, e.g., assembly lines, rotary tables, manipulators, electric Cartesian axes, robots. They are independent tightening systems consisting of a tightening motor installed on a fastening slide and moved remotely. The tightening cycle is always managed and controlled by the PLC built into the solution, which in the case of automation is particularly important as it relates to the automated production systems found in Industry 4.0 factories. They can also employ different technologies such as pneumatic, electric or electronic; the latter, for the purposes of production flexibility and versatility, allows the system to be programmed to perform different assemblies with different parameters of torque, speed, etc., and thus be used and repurposed for multiple components and/or applications.  

Tightening systems for COBOTS

Tightening systems for COBOTS.

The main requirements that lead to the use of these systems are: saving time, avoiding screw manipulation, improving the ergonomics of the operation phase, and increasing productivity on standard component/phase assemblies. They can also be used with all collaborative robots on the market to:

  • automate repetitive tasks and make the best use of operators’ skills;
  • automatically perform most of the tightening steps;
  • be quickly reprogrammed and repurposed for different applications.

They are also easy to program, featured with very fast setup times, integrable in Industry 4.0 environments, and above all, they are very safe.

Having reliable and innovative manufacturing machines is now essential, and with Fiam you can count on solutions entirely designed and manufactured in Italy with the construction rigor and manufacturing excellence that have distinguished it for more than 70 years precisely in the industrial tightening sector where it is a recognized leader.


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