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Air motors

Discover the benefits of the pneumatic technology


1. Easy to set and control

Torque, speed and sense of rotation are the main parameters of air motors and can be modified and checked easily without any control unit in contrast to what you have to do with an electric motor. Instant inversion of rotation and run only when activate, allow energy savings.

2. Simple methods to set the performances

The performances of pneumatic motor depend on the dynamic air pressure measured at the air inlet of the motor. Therefore, with a simple regulation of the air pressure and flow, there will be obtained proportional torque and speed variation. With the pressure regulator installed at the air inlet, you can easily control the torque and the speed. Do you want to know more about the control of air motors Download ebook here!

3. Running always guaranteed

Air compressed motors ensure start, also with a low air pressure. Built with high resistance materials, ensure reliability also on applications with high radial and axial loads. Unlike the electric motors, they perform in environments with electric or magnetic interferences, without affecting the nearby equipment.

4. Safety

Compared to the electric motors with equal power, they perform in heavy working conditions and support continuous starts and stops. When stalling, they will not overheat. Pneumatic motor actually cools off when running, thus preventing any risk of short circuit. The constructive features of the motor prevent the explosive gases to reach the rotating parts – ATEX versions are available for particularly dangerous environments.

5. Use in sterilized enviroments

Air motors work at high temperatures and humidity, they fit sterilized environments such as those in the food sector where there are frequent cleaning and sterilization processes. Stainless steel models with IP67 Protection are reliable even when immersed in liquids: actually, they work in water or any other fluid including the corrosive ones. It will be necessary to use suitable constituent materials in order to prevent corrosions.

6. Low consumptions

They consume 3 times less than an electric motor which consumes much more energy than a pneumatic one when it stops and starts often during a shift.

7. Small dimensions

The size of air motors is one fourth of an equivalent electric motor. This is a huge plus for engineers and designers who can benefit of great speed performances in less space.


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