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Automatic tightening systems

Putting the innovation into productivity, increasing reliability

MCA tightening module are suitable for large batches of the same screws. Plug & Play solutions, ready and tested to be integrated into existing production systems such as assembly lines, manipulators, electric Cartesian axes and collaborative robots, in order to obtain complete and independent tightening cycles using a simple external start (from PLC, dual command, start button, pedal, etc.). Tightening systems able to increase production capacity and tightening process quality, and therefore also end product quality.

The MCA modules consist of:

  • Nutrunner motor
  • Fastening Slide
  • EasyDriver Screw feeder
  • Screw retaining head

All the benefits of MCA tightening modules

  • Screws are sent continuously and quickly from the feeder to the screw-retaining device
  • The approach and subsequent tightening of the screw on the component is automatic and accurate
  • The whole tightening cycle is controlled and monitored by an integrated PLC that interfaces with the automated production systems (Industry 4.0)
  • The resulting tightening cycles are complete and autonomous, with a simple external start
  • Ensure uninterrupted working continuity: the numerous devices of the screw feeders are designed to eliminate any possible machine downtime

For every application need

The motorization technologies that can be used with MCA tightening modules are several and to be chosen according to the application, the type of joint and screw, the production layout and the type of production rates required and also the level of monitoring and control that you need on the production cycle.

Industry 4.0 Solutions

MCA tightening modules, entirely designed and produced by Fiam, relate to the plant management systems.

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