Solutions for industrial process automation

Non-reversible stainless steel/IP67 air motors

Low-speed air motors with smooth output shaft

The technical reason for choosing this type of compressed air motor is its low rotation speed, and not its working torque as for normal air motors. Since these motors are for specific uses, their use does not depend on torque range, otherwise they could reach very high torques when they stall, which would compromise the mechanisms inside the motor. The load must therefore be adjusted so that the torque does not exceed 4–5 Nm (20M models) or 8 Nm (28M models).

These motors are resistant to water and corrosive materials or atmospheres, and work safely in very high-temperature environments. Their specific build characteristics satisfy the requirements of many production sectors such as food and chemicals.

IP67 protection

The sealants and gaskets used in 20M and 28M (and 15M on request) stainless steel motors are also IP67 certified: an important condition that not only prevents liquids from entering the motors and allows them to be submersed briefly to a depth of 1 meter, but also makes them completely hermetic to the ingress of dust and fumes.

Request information
Power (Watt)
Idle speed (rpm)
Code 183309100
Power (Watt)200
Idle speed (rpm)140
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Model 20M5D-D10-AI
Code 183309101
Power (Watt)200
Idle speed (rpm)50
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Model 20M8D-D10-AI
Code 183309102
Power (Watt)200
Idle speed (rpm)80
Catalogue Catalogue
Code 185609115
Power (Watt)280
Idle speed (rpm)100
Catalogue Catalogue
Code 185609114
Power (Watt)280
Idle speed (rpm)215
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