Industrial solutions for optimizing production processes.

Fiam offers the best technology focused on process efficiency, finished product quality and maintenance cost reduction. All solutions are conceived to comply with ergonomic principles while being environmentally friendly.

For industrial assembly, we offer pneumatic, electric and electronic screwdrivers to cover a wide range of needs as well as for Industry 4.0 environments. We also offer solutions for automatic screwdrivers or tightening systems for use on machines or cobots.

For the utmost flexibility, Fiam has a range of air motors to be integrated into machines or tools in numerous applications. In fact, the compressed air motor has always been our core business, and can be built with customized dimensions, performance and materials.

Finally, Fiam has a range of air tools for any industrial process: air drills, air tappers, air sanders and air grinders as well as tools for cutting, trimming or even for automatically inserting Faston terminals.