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Air motors

For over 70 years moving machines around the world

More than one million compressed air motors have been made and are operating in the world today. For integration with machines or inside manual tools, they are effective in many applications over various production sectors.

Over 1000 standard models and our know-how in the compressed air technology ensure safety, process quality, machine efficiency and productivity increase, even under the toughest conditions of use. With Fiam compressed air motors, you can rely on:

  • Italian technology, entirely designed and produced by Fiam in Vicenza
  • Solutions tested and inspected by our in-house certified laboratories
  • Tailor-made air motors, even for short runs and through co-engineering with customers.

Our air motors features:

  • Powers from 120 to 800 Watts
  • Compact and lightweight: approximately one quarter of an electric motor of equivalent power
  • Strong and robust: made of high-strength construction materials for use with even high radial and/or axial loads
  • Uninterrupted operation for thousands and thousands of cycles: the air motors are assembled and coupled with tolerances in the order of one thousandth of a millimetre. This results in optimised yield and lower consumption
  • Quiet, thanks to innovative noise-reducing devices
  • Instant starting is always guaranteed, even with low supply pressures
  • They withstand repeated starts and stops and stalling does not cause any overheating. Compared to electric motors of the same power, they work in tougher conditions of use
  • Torque, speed and direction of rotation can be controlled and modified simply (without the need for control units as in the case of electric motors)
  • Designed with modular criteria to save on maintenance and repair costs
  • Wide range of models in stainless steel version with IP67 protection, and with ATEX certification.

How to choose the ideal air motor for your application?

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