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Our training is focused on the optimal use of our solutions and the improvement of your production processes. Our qualified teachers help you achieve ever higher productivity and quality targets and will accompany you through the whole company production process: tightening, maintenance, production process optimization techniques, knowledge of ergonomics and safety principles and how to apply them. We can customize the courses to meet the needs of your company: this ensures a training that is targeted on effectively improving the productivity of each specific business.

The industrial tightening process: quality as a success strategy

  • The tightening process: its dynamics, its value
  • The quality of the industrial tightening process and its role in innovation
  • The strategic importance of effective maintenance
  • Correct maintenance and repair of air and electric tools

Ergonomics and safety in working environments: working well to optimize the results

  • Attention to ergonomics in the design
  • Attention to ergonomics: from design to use
  • How to design an ergonomic workplace