Our trainings

Our trainings

Fiam training for your professional growth

Fiam thinks that the training is a fundamental moment for professional growth of its Business Partners. The consolidated trainings, that Fiam proposes, come from concrete experiences and knowledges gathered in over 60 years of activity in direct contact with productive realities of the best Italian and foreign industries.

In these trainings Fiam treats the following topics: from the quality, the maintenance and the techniques of optimization of the productive processes in the industrial assembly operations to the ergonomics of the workplace. The Fiam trainings can be customized according to the company’s need: this guarantees a focused training finalized to concrete improvement of the productivity of each specific reality.

Our trainings

The industrial tightening process: the quality as a success strategy

  • The tightening process: its dynamics, its value
  • The quality of the industrial tightening process and its role in innovation
  • The strategic importance of an effective maintenance
  • The correct maintenance and repair of the air tools

Ergonomics and safety in working environments: working well to optimize the results

  • The attention to ergonomics in the design
  • The attention to ergonomics: from the design to the use
  • To design an ergonomic work-place

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