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To increase the efficiency and speed of your production cycle

Magnesium telescopic arms can be fitted with a position monitoring device, and help make tightening systems very suitable for “poka yoke” processes, while increasing the efficiency and speed of the production cycle. In fact, they not only make the work station more ergonomic for the hand-arm system, but the man-machine collaboration also increases performance: the system supports operators and guides them through assembly operations and sequences, reducing mental fatigue due to the continuous attention required to control such operations.

The system is entirely designed and built by Fiam and consists of:
• BT-MG magnesium telescopic arms with a position monitoring device
• TPM monitoring unit
• connection cable

The BT-MG telescopic arms with a position monitoring device are resistant to any stress and ensure reliability and durability. Three telescopic elements mean that they can adapt to the production requirements of different work areas. The double terminal coupling guarantees that they are easy to handle, even for inclined tightening.

There are two types of arms, which can be paired with all Fiam tightening solutions:
• BT-MG TMP-1 arms, which measure only the angular movement of the telescopic arm
• BT-MG TPM-2 arms, which also measure the linear movement of the telescopic arm in addition to its angular movement

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