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Industrial education: a value for companies and an opportunity to always be at the forefront

For manufacturing companies training is a fundamental aspect for the growth and development of skills in design and production. And to interface with an interlocutor who is also competent in training – and therefore is capable of making his know-how available – represents a great competitive advantage, as well as being distinctive.

This way of working with partners is part of our DNA: in fact, we have always committed ourselves to promoting this important value through consolidated training sessions, born from the concrete wealth of knowledge we have gained in over 70 years of activity in direct contact with the production sites of the best Italian and foreign industries.

The themes offered by Fiam are the fundamental ones for productivity and quality of work: the different quality levels of the tightening process, the correct maintenance, the optimization of the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of the machinery, the techniques for improving the production processes, the correct application of the principles of ergonomics and safety in tightening stations in the light of the regulations in force.

The interventions are configured as practical courses, which can take place both at the Fiam headquarters in Vicenza and at the customer’s production site and are always customized to specific production needs. In support of the same there is also an in-depth educational documentation built over long years of experience and thanks to a wide variety of specific cases followed and solved: useful work tools, real summary handbooks to help you work better.

From this documentation we have extracted five free eBooks that analyze the following topics:

  • Basic tightening principles: screw, junction and dynamics of the tightening process
  • How poka yoke devices can be used in tightening processes
  • Precision indicators: to understand if the machines and processes of a company are performing
  • Operational tips to reduce operator’s fatigue in tightening operations
  • Adequate design for the automation of the product assembly.

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  • Zubair Aamir

    it is golden knowledge what these ebooks have

    • fiam

      Thank you Aamir.

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