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Industrial assembly in the aeronautical sector. 2 solutions by Fiam

Fiam’s proven experience in the international industrial assembly sector has solved many applications in different productive sectors. Today we describe two applications by Fiam for the industrial assembly in the aeronautical sector.

Our screwdrivers have been in the aeronautical sector for many years, not only in leader companies in the airplanes’ production, but also in many satellite activities related to this sector.

More and more often we are asked for special models to solve particular assembly situations, like two recent solutions that Mr. Michele Rizzato, responsible for Fiam’s R&D Department, has presented us.


Performing screwdrivers for the assembly in the aeronautical sector

The first requirement was to tighten clamps on the airframes’ electrical panels with high performing screwdrivers, that could guarantee a perfect adherence and compression of the component: a necessary situation in the case of elastic joints with a different type of response at tightening, in order to ensure a good power passage and avoid any risk of the clamps’ overheating” Mr. Rizzato, responsible for Fiam’s R&D Department, claims.

Fiam’s solution has been the design and realization of special angular screwdrivers with automatic air shut off capable of working under very low speeds (95 and 120 Rpm) and with CM and CmK parameters  superior than 1,3. As Mr. Rizzato says: “CM refers to the Machine Capacity, i.e. the indicator of repeatability understood as the tool’s capacity to generate at every cycle the same torque value. With CmK we refer to the Capacity in Position that indicates the accuracy through which the screwdriver performs the operation, that is its ability to meet the set torque value.”

As Mr. Rizzato continues: “More and more often, especially in this sector, we are asked for laboratory tests able to certify those values and Fiam, with its own laboratories, is capable of carrying out numerous reliability tests and realizes many other ones in addition to those required by the current legislation.”

“ Specifically – concludes Mr.Rizzato – on these ranges of special screwdrivers with a torque regulation of +/- 6% of the rated torque, the laboratory results have certified Cm and CmK values of 2,206 on elastic joint: extremely performing machines with torque values much higher than 1,3, the required value and universally recognized as the optimal one for high quality productive processes.”


Personalized solutions for the tightening process in the aeronautical sector

Apart from the performing screwdrivers, Fiam’s R&D Department has designed a personalized screwdriver able to accomodate a key for fixing a very particular component used uniquely in this sector. “It’s about a device that is introduced in the airplanes’ fuselages and is used to maintain unchanged over time the hole’s charachteristics” Mr. Rizzato claims.

This pneumatic screwdriver with automatic and instant air shut off, duly personalized on the customer’s requirements, guarantees the introduction of the device in the hole with an extreme speed and reliability.

High performances, precision and reliability, those are the characteristics guaranteed by the customized solutions realized in our R&D Department. Even for those types of screwdrivers, the Cm and CmK certify excellent performances and the tightening torque’s control system with automatic air shut off guardantees a very high level of torque repeatability, that is a very low Mean Shift value (average deviation) even in the case of variability of the joint’s elasticity grade. It also maintains torque values unchanged for thousands of cycles!

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