Help in choosing the solution

Help in choosing the solution

We analyse your production process and help you choose solutions that are suited to your production situation and operational layout, with great attention to investment payback. To increase the quality of your finished product. We are easy to talk to, and you will quickly get the answers you are looking for.

Ask for more information on how to improve your productivity or enhance the value of your investments.

Try before you buy

Our “Try and Buy” formula means you can be sure of what you buy. The chance to try tools before you buy them offers the following benefits:

  • Test the actual effectiveness of a Fiam solution
  • Try the solution directly at your production site
  • Be sure of your choice
  • Buy only after verifying the actual reliability and effectiveness of the product being tested.

We adapt to your needs

Our know-how and great expertise in industrial tightening and in mechanical and electronic design is at your disposal for custom solutions. We offer design and manufacturing flexibility: we have a production area dedicated to custom products to deliver your orders very fast, even for production lots of a few pieces or prototypes.

Ergonomics and safety services

Ergonomics, quality of work tools, correct location and use in the workplace. These are the main aspects that safeguard the health and safety of users.  Our services for your company are based on these principles:

  • Analysis of workstations
  • Measurement of vibrations and noise
  • Measurement of frequent and repetitive movements.

Scrapping operations

Reduce the purchasing price by replacing existing obsolete products. Should you carry other brands tools, the evaluation will be even more interesting. Don’t miss this opportunity if you are willing to improve your tool park performances.