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Fiam’s Digital Transformation

To increase productivity and improve day-to-day management of its departments, Fiam has chosen to partner with Open Symbol, a consulting firm that develops CRM and customer experience strategies. The “Project & Team Management” project started in September through the platform, which optimises and manages workflows more efficiently, facilitating communication and cooperation between various internal collaborators. Our initial and main need was to find a new solution centralised in a single system to enhance and simplify the management flow of Automation quotations by centralising information exchange and automating the process.

After careful analysis and assessment by the working team, software was created to help Fiam collaborators to:

  • View all requests for quotation in the Automation field
  • Easily retrieve the desired information
  • Receive automatic reminders
  • Share files and documents on the Fiam cloud.

Benefits for the customer and the company

These process innovations bring real benefits to customers in the form of prompt responses to requests by improving the internal organisation and speeding up delivery of quotations. While for the company, the benefits are related to improved internal process efficiency, better response times to customers and, last but not least, lower management costs.

Another step for Fiam in continuous improvement activities. To be close to the customer with increasing performance and offer effective solutions for tightening automation in production processes, including good service.

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