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Fiam’s attendance at Industry Days Budapest

Industry Days Budapest, which took place this year from the 15th to the 18th of May at the Hung Expo Budapest Fair Center, is an international exhibition for industrial technology and automation. This year Delta Robotics, our business partner for Hungary and Romania, was also exhibiting. Delta Robotics exhibited  Fiam solutions for automatic tightening: the EasyDriver MCA auto feed tightening modules.

EasyDriver MCA auto feed tightening modules are suitable for multiple tightenings with large batch of equal screws and can be integrated into SCARA and anthropomorphic robots, automatic machines, existing production systems – also in pallet production lines or on electric axes to tighten at different working heights. Solutions that allow to obtain complete and autonomous tightening  cycles through a simple external start, suitable for any torque requirements, all types of screws and being reliable in any condition of use.

EasyDriver MCA offers the following benefits:

  • accurate positioning and automatic tightening on the workpiece;
  • constancy and speed during the automatic screw shooting from the bowl feeder to the screw head assembly;
  • management and control of the whole tightening cycle by the integrated PLC, which works in connection with the automated production systems and consequently meets the requirements of Industry 4.0.

EasyDriver MCA nutrunner motor can be air driven, electric or DC driven. For the DC driven range, different torque control systems are available: torque/angle control or current control.

Discover more on the EasyDriver MCA auto feed tightening modules at the following link:

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