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FIAM, with smart working we are trying out new organizational models

“One of our daily concerns at this difficult time is to convince our customers that we are fully operational.  They often call for information, and will not settle for communications on our website or via mail; they want to speak personally with one of our employees to be reassured that we are actually active and well….”

This account by Luigi Bacchetta, CEO of FIAM, gives a good picture of the perception of emergency, especially outside our national borders.  Like every business, the Vicenza-based company that manufactures assembly systems and industrial pneumatic/electric tools is facing the need to protect its workers while guaranteeing production continuity.  

“A production stop, even a short one, would have meant the real risk of losing orders and customers, which would not have sat and waited for us, but would have turned to other suppliers. On reopening, we would have been brought to our knees. So, in a short time, as early as last week, the company decided to activate Smart Working for 35 of its 80 employees, while jumping through hoops to ensure full productivity with a new organizational model. Although we had to operate in an emergency situation and with very little time,” specifies Bacchetta, “we were helped by having invested in new tools in recent months. Just as an example, all company cordless phones were replaced with smartphones to help ensure maximum connectivity between employees.”

The first test of this reorganization seems to have been passed successfully. “At this time of uncertainly,” explains Bacchetta, “I try to communicate a lot with the employees, sending daily updates on how the company is going and about the measures to be implemented to face the Coronavirus….”

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