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FIAM rewards your suggestions: the new initiative in collaboration with

Industrial innovation and Research & Development have always been part of the keywords that have guided Fiam’s history since its foundation and on a constant basis until today.

With a perspective of continuing along this path, Fiam has chosen as its partner, “Social Media for Innovation,” to bring even more innovation within its offerings and grow together with its customers and stakeholders.

Thanks to this collaboration, a new Fiam initiative was born, allowing people like you who are familiar with Fiam solutions to receive a prize, becoming a co-innovator of a wide range of products and services.

This is an opportunity for direct users of pneumatic and electric tools from Fiam’s wide range, which will allow 15 people to win a prize of €100, disbursed to reward the best suggestions provided.

The joint collaboration will enable Fiam to further improve the ease of use and comfort of its tools, with the opportunity to make them even more User Friendly and ergonomic.

How does it works?

By accessing the Open Innovation website, you can choose the format of your suggestion (text, video, photo…) and send it directly and quickly. Here’s how:

At this point you will be able to choose the type of innovation to suggest, with the option of providing a description of the innovative improvement designed for the Fiam solution(s).

Fiam is ready to reward the most innovative ideas and apply the best suggestions.

Watch the video in which the Sales Manager Nicola Bacchetta talks about the partnership with…and participate by innovating!


  • Nassaj

    Hi Dear Sir;

    I have a useful experince about fastening operations in car assembly lines. cost, quality, speed, reliability, … are designed these days.
    If you could deploy a computer vision with your products in stations, customers will come to you more. I saw a useful movie about this subject that was made by Matroid, Inc.( Ask them a demo for “Computer Vision Deployed in Minutes” and use it…

    Sincerely yours

    • fiam

      Dear Sir,
      thanks for your suggestion.

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