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Fiam opens its doors to the public

Fiam opens its doors to the public in its factory located close to the historic center of Vicenza. The event “Fiam Open House – fatti un giro nel mondo dell’avvitatura” will be held next Saturday, January 27, at our headquarters in Viale Crispi 123!

We are proud to show the family members of our collaborators and all the citizens who wish to visit us what we do in Fiam and how we work.

Fiam is perhaps the only factory of its kind still active on the outskirts of the historic center of Vicenza. It holds a social responsibility, because the company operates directly in the territory in which it operates, in full compliance with the rules on environmental protection, thanks to its ISO14001 certified production system since 1998.

At “Fiam Open House”, scheduled for this weekend, two guided tours will take place on the same day: the first – in the morning, at 9.00, and the second – in the afternoon, at 15.00. The tours include a visit to the production area, the one dedicated to design and laboratories, without missing the showroom.

On this occasion, a new family of products for the world of industrial screwing will be presented.

Participation is free upon registration through the portal

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