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Fiam Open House to discover the tightening world registers sold-out

“A beautiful day for all employees and their family members. Thank you all!”

“It was nice for me to have my family visit the place where I work. Thanks for the occasion.” – a Fiam employee.

“I have been impressed with how the knowledge that I’m learning during my university studies is actually directly applied in a reality here in the territory” – the daughter of a Fiam employee, visiting Fiam Open House.

“The kids were curious above all to see the area in which I work, but they had a lot of fun also in the showroom, they did not want to leave, fascinated by the demonstrations in which they have been actively involved” – a Fiam employee attending Fiam Open House with his children.

A special opportunity to see the tightening world from a closer point of view in an industrial reality with a history strongly rooted in the territory. This was the aim of the event held last Saturday at our company, which has collected an unexpected success registering sold out. During the morning we welcomed our employees and their families, while in the afternoon it was the citizen’s turn, eager to know a productive reality in Vicenza.

To the discovery of Fiam

There were about 250 guests, among employees with their families, suppliers, students and citizens who have attended the event and have visited the different areas of the company, where the employees themselves have described their work places and told in an effective way where and how Fiam’s products are created in the different productive areas.

Among the many adhesions, which have exceeded the forecasts, some former Fiam employees, now retired, were also present and they shared – not without nostalgia – some memories of the “old times” passed at the assembly and production departments. It has been an exciting moment of sharing between old and new generations, where many memories about careers ended even more than 15 years ago, not without a sense of nostalgia, have been told, as one of them claims: “Today everything has changed compared to what I used to remember and I’m impressed to see Fiam so different and so new and how the working methods have changed!”

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