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Fiam MCA Tightening Module. Successfully processing even small components in the thermo-hydraulic industry

In the production field of thermo-hydraulic material components to be tightened, for example valves and pumps, are often of small dimensions and the tightening points are positioned in depth or in extremely reduced spaces.

In these cases, there are numerous critical aspects to take into consideration to ensure precise and continuous assembly operations, so as not to compromise the required production rates, for example in automatic production cycles.

Defendi, a world leader in the design and production of gas components for domestic cooking, involved Fiam for high rate automatic tightening of components on gas diffusers for cooktops. The critical issue in this operation was given both by the small size of the screws and by the extremely reduced and deep encumbrances.

Screws with hexagonal head were 10 mm (0,4”) long and with 8 mm (0,3”) head diameter: a ratio almost equal to 1 being critical in case of automatic screw feeding and tightening, because the screw can tumble and obstruct the feeding flow.

To solve the specific dimensional problem, FIAM designed a special screw head for the tightening module; the screw head was equipped with a device preventing screw tumbling as well as with a special centering tube matching hole diametre and a ball retention system allowing to reach the tightening point in depth and in reduced spaces.

The tightening module, integrated on the customer’s machine, was completely designed and made according to customer’s needs and consisted of:

– a customized screw feeder according to dimensions of the screw to be tightened;

– a fastening slide housing the air shut-off nutrunner motor; with its three automatic movements, the fastening slide approached and perfectly fitted into the tightening point of the diffuser.

The solution, interfaced with the line PLC, guaranteed high quality assembled products and the required production increase for the entire work cycle, i.e. 3 seconds for each gas diffuser.

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