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Fiam International Sales Meeting

With the occasion of the presentation of eTensil – the new range of electrical screwdrivers designed and produced by Fiam in order to raise the standards of assembly solutions with growing request on the international markets – we have hosted in our headquarters in Vicenza the representatives of twenty partner and distribution companies from the main international markets.

The service offered by our distribution organization reflects what we are, what we do and how we do it, all over the world. In fact, besides the direct presence in France and Spain, we rely on an international network of distributors whose sales policies reflect Fiam’s strategies, tailored to specific local conditions. They are also able to ensure a qualified pre and after sales consultancy on the territory, always supported by our team in Italy.

The Business Partners, who came from many different countries and continents, have attended a busy schedule including both a technical training on the new products and the guidelines on Fiam commercial strategies. Many focuses and insights emerged: from the economic and industrial evolution of the different markets to the development of new technologies – in particular it was analysed the increasingly important role of the integrated assembly solutions in Industry 4.0. The technical meetings instead concerned in particular the new range of electrical solutions eTensil, programmable screwdrivers, designed to be integrated in a smart production in any productive sector and how their distinguishing features represent important advantages compared to competitors. Fiam also conquers the primacy of being the only European producer in this sector capable of offering both pneumatic and electric solutions.

There have been also recreational moments to socialize and consolidate relationships, besides the comparison and exchange of opinions and best practices between countries very different, but that often share the same international customers, with the aim of improving the performances of both the product and the service to our worldwide customers. The event then ended with the visit of the beautiful territory of Vicenza and of its typical cultural and culinary traditions.

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