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Extended warranty of 24 months or 1 million cycles: eTensil confirms its constructional rigour

The Warranty extension to 24 months or 1 million cycles (whichever is reached first) is a great benefit for the end users of of electric screwdrivers and nutrunner motors.

The choice to extend the warranty of our electric eTensil solutions is one of FIAM’s distinguishing features, and with a warranty of 24 months it has doubled the standard statutory guarantee. It also recommends preventive maintenance at 1 million cycles, unlike most other electric screwdrivers on the market, which require maintenance at just 500 thousand cycles.

Fiam’s eTensil electric solutions demonstrate that endurance goals can be achieved without problems, while ensuring greater reliability, operating peace of mind and even savings for the customer, who can count on the rigorous construction and manufacturing excellence inherent to Fiam solutions entirely designed and made in Italy. 

The importance of industrial testing and validation

The eTensil electric screwdrivers underwent extensive testing in our laboratories, from the mechanics of its components and the quality of the materials, to the effectiveness of its internal mechanisms. It reached over 15 million tightening cycles during endurance testing.  And moreover, the whole range was also validated in the field by major industrial groups, both in Italy and abroad: our partners that work continuously with Fiam on research and innovation in tightening solutions.

All our laboratories and recent new electrical measurement and electromagnetic compatibility rooms mean that we can make the measurements required to comply with the European safety regulations completely independently. 

Not all tool manufacturers are able to use both pneumatic and electric technologies in their ranges, and few companies have such complete and advanced laboratories, or can boast that their layouts are designed to meet the standards.  Having such equipment not only lowers testing costs, but also greatly shortens product safety verification times (think of product innovation processes and faster accreditation procedures).  In addition, production lots can be tested over time, ensuring customers always have products that comply with the current regulations

Some of these tools and equipment, especially those designed and certified according to ISO 5393, are also available to customers that need additional services such as certified performance for their chosen solutions, i.e. measurements of Cm (machine capability), CmK (machine capability index), Cp (process capability), which are indicators of tightening torque repeatability.

The benefits of the extension

Fiam’s extended warranty also includes a precise maintenance plan, which is available worldwide and permits eTensil electric screwdrivers and nutrunner motors to work with unaltered performance for their entire service life, ensuring that they work well long after the two specified deadlines, offering a considerable T.C.O saving for the installed tools.  The maintenance work is fast, simple and scheduled directly by the on-board intelligence: the screwdriver itself notifies when to act to ensure a long service life.

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