Fiam Thinking

Every end has a new beginning

In the circular economy, the end of one product is the beginning of a new life cycle for another one.

Since 1949, we have been designing and creating technological solutions for industrial production of Italian quality, with a special focus on environmental impact. In fact, we were one of the first Italian companies to be awarded the ISO 14001 certification in 1998, as proof of our commitment to environmental protection.

 Fiam carries out a detailed assessment of the life cycle of its products, considering all the phases of their production processes: selection of raw materials and the relative supply chain, design of solutions that work effectively with lower consumption, following the principles of Lean Production, up to disposal, with the possibility of recycling the materials from most components.

We set simple but important goals:

  • Choice of recyclable materials to reduce environmental impact
  • Environmentally friendly packaging that is separable, recyclable and lightweight
  • Use of materials that reduce the weight of our solutions, making transport less expensive and therefore less polluting.

Product life cycle is just one of the many issues covered by ISO 14001 certification, which is also concerned with context analysis, identification of stakeholders and analysis of the risks associated with environmental aspects.

To find out how Fiam is committed to minimising environmental risks, ensuring greater energy savings, reducing atmospheric emissions, promoting waste separation and improving industrial waste management, please join us at the next appointment with sustainability.

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