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eTensil electric screwdrivers and motors: an evolving range

After the debut of eTensil in 2018, Fiam’s electrical solutions are enriched with new models that offer new operating features and automation, depending on the operational layout.

The new manual electric screwdrivers are versatile and intelligent, making them suitable for integration into organisations with smart production. They feature the following new functions:

  • more starting modes; untightening before or after tightening, and soft start
  • all straight models can reach torques up to 0.3 Nm
  • new angled models with heads at 30 and 90 degrees to reach even the least accessible points and ensure great tightening precision always
  • external clutch adjustment, allowing fast repeated adjustment of the tightening torque for situations in which components and their screws change often
  • screw suction system for all straight models; makes holding and positioning screws easier and safer.

There are also new eTensil brushless electric nutrunner motors for tightening process automation: designed specifically for use on slides, manipulators, anthropomorphic arms and automated assembly lines.

The main features that make them ideal for automation are:

  • tightening torque control system automatic electrical power shut-off;
  • ability to withstand the high production rates expected with automatic cycles
  • modular construction and virtually unlimited electrical life
  • unbeatable reliability along both the vertical and horizontal axis.

If you want to discover all the benefits of the new range of electric screwdrivers and electric nutrunner motors, visit the dedicated website:


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    Thank you for your mail. Is it possible to have your E Catalog. For electric screw drivers

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    Christian Lenferna

    • fiam

      Thank you Christian!
      Our Commercial Department will contact you shortly. Where are you from?

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