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.14 Tightening automation: renew your productivity!

.14 Tightening automation: renew your productivity!

Adnan Saric, Fiam Sales Area Manager, explains in a short video how eTensil electric solutions with torque/angle current control can also be used in automation and render a tightening process not only more productive, but also highly reliable.

In fact, Fiam’s MCA tightening modules for automation use eTensil brushless electric nutrunner motors which, together with relative control units, allow the accurate torque/angle/time control of tightening parameters, for increased versatility and precision.

MCA modules can be integrated into any productive layout:
• assembly lines • turntables • manipulators • cartesian axes x,y,z: in order to tighten on different surface • robots.

eTensil nutrunner motors and all industrial automation components are entirely designed and produced in FiamMade in Italy, Fiam assures a highest constructive precision and manufacturing excellence.


  • Ready and tested solutions for integration into existing production systems, to increase the capacity, the quality of the tightening process and therefore of the final product
  • Screws are sent continuously and quickly from the bowl feeder to the screw retaining head
  • Fastening slides ensure a precise approach stroke of the nutrunner motor/screw retaining head to the component, guaranteeing high reliability of the assembled product since all screws are tightened with great precision
  • The INTEGRATED PLC manages all machine parameters according to the tightening needs, interfaces with the automated production systems (Industry 4.0) and with control units responsible for programming, controlling and monitoring all tightening process parameters.


Specifically designed to be used in industrial automation, equipped with:

  • Latest generation BRUSHLESS MOTOR with endless electric lifespan
  • STRONG THRUST BEARINGS: to withstand the thrust of the stroke movement of a slide
  • COMPACT DIMENSIONS: only 233 mm long and Ø of 36 mm to ensure machine mounting practical along the full length of the aluminium outer body
  • CENTRING SYSTEM designed to achieve reliability along both vertical and horizontal axis.
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