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.07 Electric cordless screwdrivers: for an increased working autonomy.

.07 Electric cordless screwdrivers: for an increased working autonomy.

The automatic shut-off torque control system of electric cordless screwdrivers stops the power supply when preset torque is achieved, providing a great torque repeatability without post-process controls.

These cordless tools are ideal for assembly in restricted access, for quick operational layout changes and tightening anywhere.

The tools work with Li-ion rechargeable batteries that guarantee a great working uptime: +140% rundowns in an average compared to standard batteries.

They reduce operator fatigue and increase production performances thanks to:

  • ergonomic soft grip
  • error-proofing timed start button to avoid repeated start on fastened screws
  • reversibility can be operated with buttons located near the thumb on both the right and left side of the tool.



Through the programmer you can:

  • Adjust tightening speed. From gradual to maximum speed to facilitate, for example, the engagement of the blade on the screw head.
  • Adjust untightening speed and control the number of pulses the screwdriver transmits to the screw being untightened. A great advantage, for example, in the case of screws tightened to high torques.
  • Display of total and partial number of tightening cycles.

The single programmer can be used with all Fiam electric cordless screwdrivers.



Electric cordless screwdrivers are equipped with adjustable acoustic and visual signals, which aid the operator in his work.

VISUAL FEEDBACK: indicate cycle OK, NOK, untightening and low battery

ACOUSTIC FEEDBACK in support of the visual ones. They become operative with NOK cycle or warn that the battery is low.

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