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.02 Discover intelligent tightenings even at high torque

.02 Discover intelligent tightenings even at high torque

Assembly process control? It is an essential activity in many productive sectors. And with Fiam’s air screwdrivers this is possible even with high torque tightenings.
CG screwdrivers with automatic air-shut off ensure, even at 25 and 40 Nm, optimal torque repeatability and favorable weight/performance ratio. Moreover, they offer the possibility to monitor the tightening cycle when being connected to the TOM monitoring unit. Thanks to this tightening system it is possible to:

  • view immediately tightening results
  • remove every possible problem linked to forgotten screws
  • improve the quality of the assembled components, removing time and production waste
  • block the production line in case of error in order to prevent scraps from reaching final assembly point in the line, thus increasing manufacturing costs caused by waste
  • reduce to zero the post process controls on the assembled components.

What is more, these solutions are designed to interface even with the factory system and to allow data collection on the tightening process of the production line for effective monitoring actions (Industry 4.0).

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